Enterprise Document and Content Management Solution

Your success in business highly relies on the data you explore. This data comes in different forms: hard copies of documents, electronic documents, faxes, emails, and digital media. You need to integrate such data types into your organization structured information system in a safe and reachable manner. You need to reach these types of data items on demand, easily, fast, and according to their context with relation to your business goals. By time, the accumulation of these data items; coupled with the complexity of their inter-relations, represent a challenge to your capacity to efficiently make use of such stored data, or to maintain it for compliance when necessary.
We provide our customers with an information management solution to handle the complexity of these data items based on IBM Enterprise Content Manager, Document Manager and CommonStore software applications.

Our comprehensive solution InfoWork1 provides :

Preliminary and detailed analysis of your document cycle and requirements
Propose best practice and up-to-date development, by offering a business plan
    satisfying your business initiatives
Deliver the required system comprising all the needed hardware and software
Installation and configuration for the hardware, software, based on IBM ECM, IBM
    Commonstore to integrate email in your document cycle, and all other related software
Coordinate with your existing system providers, to integrate existing system with our
    content management solution
All required network and connectivity installations
Design CM architecture and Data Models addressing the specific requirements of
    different departments and users
Implementation and definition of access roles and security
Training for administrator and different users
Delivering of running system
Maintenance of the whole system (hardware, software and network)
Periodic evaluation of the system overall performance
Offering possible future expansions and fine tuning